My name is Jonah Ben Davis Yanofsky and I am 22 years old. I was born in Montreal. I attend a program at L’Edifice Fillion and Concordia Centre for the Arts in Human Development and studio school. My hobbies include going to the country, ordering food from restaurants, playing crossword puzzles, hosting Krystle in my backyeard, going to the recording studio, music and drama and visiting my gransmother. My family and I like to go to the country and have Evan and Noah visit us in our backyard. We like to check the status of the virus in the news and to also find out how many people got the vaccine. We like to swim in the outdoor blow up pool in the summer and attend services at the Temple. I joined the Shira choir because I like to sing. I am learning a new song called Just As I Am with the rest of my friends from the choir. The choir continued rehearsals online during the pandemic and that way I get to see all my choir friends every week. I get to sing Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens. I get to ask what kind of risk Cantor Benlolo is taking. I like that I got to do it before and even after the pandemic.

The picture was taken at my graduation from Summit School. The picture includes my mom, my dad and our dogs Lexi and Phoebe. My dad past away in December.