My name is JONATHAN CORIN and I was born in MONTREAL.

I attend MIRIAM HOME AND SERVICES.My hobbies include MUSIC, SINGING, BASKETBALL and playing computer games.

I love to hang out with my dog. he understands me and makes me feel more relaxed.

I like to play basketball and my Dad bought for me and installed a basketball hoop in our driveway.

My family and myself have a weekly ZOOM meeting with my sister who is married.

I also play billiards every day with my dad at night when he gets back from work.

My mother holds a nightly reading, bingo and math classes with me.

Overall, I am very busy throughout the week.

I joined the Montreal Shira choir because I love to listen to music and sing. I am also a member of the Spanish and Portuguese synagogue where we normally practiced before the pandemic closed the shul. As soon as I heard about the choir I joined. It has been quite an experience attending in the synagogue and now on ZOOM. It feels that the choir is my family now. Cantor Benlolo keeps me attentive and focused. Muriel sends me all types of songs to learn so that I can sing them at the choir.

So I like the choir a lot.