My name is Laurence Isaac Tenenbaum and I am 45 years old.

I am a worker at the JEM workshop. My hobbies include painting, writing and playing bass guitar.

I was born in Montreal to a large, loving family and I came back home for good after my fiance died in Alberta. I was always struggling to make a living in Montreal when I met her online, and we just hit it off. A few months later, I moved to Alberta to be with her but unfortunately six months later, she passed away. I was very depressed and moved back home in Montreal to be with my family. That’s when I took a job at JEM, and the rest is history…

I joined the choir because I love to sing. I needed to get some music back into my life after I came back home from out west when my fiancee passed away. My new work family made me aware of the Montreal Shira choir and I decided to join them last February. It was going great until we stopped in person rehearsals and performances because of COVID-19. We reverted to rehearsing and meeting online. The choir went onward, boldly into the future, so that when this COVID-19 madness is over we can come back into the world and help to heal it with our music.