My name is Lenore Vosberg and I have been a volunteer with the Montreal Shira Choir since it was first established in 2019. I got involved after Cantor Danny Benlolo had performed with his nephew Joshua at a Benefit Concert for the Centre for the Arts in Human Development at Concordia University where I am the Director. Cantor Benlolo asked me to help him recruit choir members so that he could start a new choir in Montreal featuring adults with a variety of physical and developmental disabilities. This was shortly after he returned to Montreal from Ottawa where he started and lead the Tamir Neshama Choir for several years. I contacted people in the community, and we started the choir with about 10 members. The choir has grown considerably, and it is such a pleasure to see everyone thriving as they sing and learn new songs together. It is a wonderful experience for all. Thank you to Cantor Benlolo for his warmth and enthusiasm which enables each person to excel. We all look forward to being back in the community performing beautifully and bringing pleasure to audiences in Montreal.