Screening Moments

We had a great time screening our movie to a large, actual audience. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, there was a standing-ovation and the host from CBC (Matt D’amours) said it was “one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen.” We are really happy with the reception it’s had. Thanks Marvin Rosenblatt and all the sponsors for making the film happen, Evan Beloff for directing and thanks Keith Pun for the photos. And a big thank-you to Daniel Benlolo, the volunteers Rhonda and Rebecca, and of course the Montreal Shira Choir! If you want to see the film, it will be on CBC Gem very soon. Below are some photos, and more can be found here.

COVID-19 protocols were followed throughout, and vaccine status was checked at the door, as per government guidelines. A livestream was also provided at the event, courtesy of Liz Bono. We thank everyone for cooperating.